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Is Digital Marking Services Just A Fancy Term For Advertising?

The popularity of digital marketing services became more over the past decade. But, before now, digital marketing agencies focused their services on the brick and mortar method.  But, with the emergence of the internet comes a digital marketing and advertising which are more robust. Most people do not know the different between digital marketing campaigns and advertising  campaigns . One distinct point you should know about these two is that unsuccessful advertising campaign has no impact on a business. But, digital marketing campaign can adversely affect the reputation and success of a business when done wrongly.

The difference between digital marketing and digital advertising

You need digital advertising when you want to create awareness for your brand. But, if what you are looking for is the best way to develop your brand, what you need is digital marketing. Digital advertising helps in promoting brands or generating more sales for a brand. It follows the same definition of advertisement, which is to produce  promotional message for the purpose of selling products or services. Traffic generation is the central point for digital advertising. So, the essence of advertising is promotion, which can be idea, service, product or brand.

The digital advertising is focused on sales while the  digital marketing is orienting the audience

Pay Per Click (PPC) is designed to send more traffic to your landing page and increase leads. The PPC is a form of advertising, and it is made for the purpose of generating more leads. The digital marketing is for the purpose of generating sales with the use of personalized message.

The similarity of digital marketing and advertising services

While it is true that digital marketing and advertising have many differences, it is necessary to note the similarity between them. The number one similarity between digital marketing services and advertising is both are made for the purpose increasing revenue for a business. So, whether you go for advertising or marketing,  your target will be to increase revenue for your business.


The truth about the digital marketing and advertising is that they are both essential for the success of a business. However, digital marketing services cannot be a fancy name for advertising as the both are not completely the same. So, you should find out when you need either of them for your business. It is what you need to get the required result and avoid making mistakes in the end.