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The Difference Between Building A Website And Web Development

In the world of website technology today, there are two different things people often use interchangeably. These are the building of a website and web development. The work of website designers and developers is required to build an interactive, responsible, and efficient website. The small organizations with lower resources ask their developers to handle both the design and development of their site. The reason is that most of the small businesses do not base the service of their website. The big companies with enough resources hire website designers and developers when they want to create a site for their business.

 The website designers

The website designers are responsible for creating the blueprint of a site. The designers think out the designs and layout of their website. They are responsible for imagining the color combinations, fonts, images, and other things that will make the website captivating to the eyes. The website designers are responsible for determining how the elements on a site will go. So, the work of a website designer is like that of an architect. 

The web developers

The web developers are also known as programmers. These are the people responsible for giving life to a website through a combination of codes. The developers use several programming languages to create a responsive website and make it interactive with visitors. Web developers are divided into two. These are the front-end and back-end developers. Front-end web developers make use of HyperText Markup Languages (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), and JavaScript (JS).

The role of web designers

  • There are some roles of web designers that are worthy of note. Some of these roles include:
  • Web designers use Framer, Photoshop, and more
  • Designers handle logo and graphics
  • Website designers must know how to design a website
  • Website designers are responsible for creating a logical layout and balanced design.

The role of the web developers

There are many roles reserved for the website developers, which are not within the designers. Some of these roles include:

  • Built interface with CSS, HTML, and Js languages
  • Build an interface that can load fast on any browser
  • Creation of dynamic internet 
  • Back-end developers handle database and logic development of the site
  • Clear communication between front-end and back-end developers.


 There are differences between website designers and website developers, which everyone needs to know before diving into the job. The information here is what you need to understand more about website development and design.